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wlan2 in sta mode stopped working


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I am stuck guys...- I have been using the usb dongle to connect my nano to a wifi in the client / sta mode but it suddenly stopped working and I am no longer getting an IP.

Its a hidden ssid so I made the configuration directly on the /etc/config/wireless and it worked fine after issuing "uci commit wireless" and "wifi". (btw why there is no text field in the gui to connect to a hidden ssid manually???)

The day after, my nano is no longer connecting to the hidden IP although there was no config change, the nano sees the dongle and the AP is within reach I simply can't get no ip and connect (while my laptop is connected to that AP and running well). I see the dongle get registered by the nano (in the dmesg output) but I am not sure if the dongle binds to wlan2 (I guess it does as when its not connected, I don't see the wlan2 in the gui...)

Any idea what might be wrong? (I really doubt that the the dongle got blocked or whatever - its nano who is for an unknown reason not connecting..)



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