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I own the domain iptv-torrents.com. I wanted to set something up where people could go to get their favorite shows with a single click without having to download episode by episode. I started setting it up a couple years ago with some help from a couple buddies but they ended up walking out before the setup was finished. I would like to get the site back up and running and populated with content. I have a NAS system that I built myself when I started the project and started saving shows to it from the Rev3 Archive. I ended up with about 15 different shows with all episodes downloaded. I am looking for a few people that are interested in the this to join me in getting it going. I think it would be a great place for all of us to share the great content of the past, present, and future.

For those that have been around since the beginning, you might remember Darren giving me a shout-out for hosting past episodes on my own server as torrents for people to do a one-stop-download. I unfortunately stopped that at Season 5 when I was injured in the military. IPTV-Torrents has become my new project and I am willing to setup access for a couple of admins for FTP access to help get it running.

The site would not be just for IPTV, but also for any OpenSource material such as NAS4Free, custom Linux distros, tools, etc.

If you are interested, drop me a message and maybe we can get a good community based project going. Again, I have the domain name and the hosting service. I am just looking for some assistance in operating the site and sharing content via torrent.

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