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Quickcreds no files, only orange blinking lights


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I just received my first LanTurtle and i wanted to test it with the quickcreds module, however when the modul is loaded en I plug it in a Logged on machine, the orange light keeps blinking and there are no log files what so ever, the module script keeps making the number folders but they are all empty. and the responder.log only states -->> Starting attack...


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I have the same symptoms on a freshly (.4) updated device except that my indicator light does flash solid after about half a minute. First time using even though I've had the device for maybe two years. I'm attempting to get a cred off a locked Win10 machine (mine). I've enabled the Responder and QuickCreds modules.

The other variation is that I have /work and /upper directories under my /overlay. All the working links or files are in /upper. /work is empty.


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