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Fixed a Mark V with a blown out Step-Down Converter


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I recently got a Mark V which would no longer work if powered by the DC plug but would work fine if powered via USB. Long story short, somehow the previous owner blew out the Step-Down Converter and I managed to fix it, by replacing the chip. Anyone else managed to fry their pineapples?

Full story here:

This is the chip that was fried:

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Looks like chrome is picky about something on that site. Google has long lists of various of suggestions on how to cure that browser "desease"

Thanks, I have now used a non-Chrome based browser. I also have a Mark-V with similar power issues.

Did the same procedure and replacement of the power supply chip but had no luck yet in reviving functionality.

Saved the datasheet for now. Thanks for that. One day with anough determination might make me have another look at what can be wrong on that Pineapple.



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Thanks guys!
I guess I will switch out the SMA connectors next. Did some reading on the forum but I don't actually get why not to use RP-SMA. I guess the older RP-SMA connectors where pigtails? In any case, I have RP-SMA connectors with identical form factor and will switch them out eventually, since I have more RP-SMA antennas then SMA.

@Yak Thats odd, I mainly use Chrome and never noticed any SSL errors. Is your internet connection IPv6 exclusive by any chance?

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The observed rejection of your SSL protocol is seen by two chrome variants one on an Android environment and WIN10, both behind a VDSL attached router that should provide both IP4/IP6 traffic. A third machine running linux had no objections to communicate and display content of your site. It seems to be a known and widespread chrome "feature" since there exist lots of google hits on the subject. 

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