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Surface Pro 4 & Kali linux


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1, are we supposed to spoon feed you? 2, how hard did you look?

I haven't a device to test, but literally top of google for this stuff came up




You'll need to compile a kernel drivers specifically for this apparently, so stock kali won't work for on-screen keyboard without modified kernel and drivers. best bet is USB keyboard and mouse or bluetooth. AS far as I know, the ubuntu kernel is not going to work for kali, and you would most likely break a lot of the tools in the process. I don't know of any patched kali kernel at this time. That said you could put ubuntu on it with https://launchpad.net/~tigerite/+archive/ubuntu/kernel apparently. You'd then have to put the tools you want on it.


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1 minute ago, ApPLe76 said:

Is it safe to assume you have read no further than that reddit page as tigerite has mentioned that his kernels dont work for the SP4, though you know your stuff so hey, who am I to argue.

Ah, so according to Tigerite there is a slim chance.

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6 hours ago, ApPLe76 said:

Ah, so according to Tigerite there is a slim chance.

You should be able to get the keyboard working in uBuntu with the links above, but more than likely, not going to get it to work in kali without USB keyboard and mouse, or bluetooth, as there are no Kali patches for the kernel to use the SP4's on-screen keyboard. I even searched the kali forums, found no one that had working on-screen keyboard. If you google, you'll see people stating to use USB or bluetooth. If there were a relevant working kali version, it would more than likely be easily found and talked about. What I have seen is people saying you can use VMware on the Surface pro, but you;d have to test that yourself. You'd then have to use a USB wifi card since VMware can't use the wifi natively on systems, only physical ethernet bridged connections from the host side.

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I have a Surface Pro 3 and the best thing I found to do that is the most stable is to just use a virtual machine and then install Kali Linux on it. Sure it can shudder but it never stops or freezes and still has consistent speeds with most the programs I use as my laptop does with Kali installed on it.

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