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USB-ralink to pineapple


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Hello. I'm quite new in the field and wanted to test out the usb-ralink adapter together with the pineapple.
to ensure a good result with the pineAP.

However i'm not sure what i am doing wrong. Can anyone describe the full setup step by step?

Is it plug and play?, Is it supposed to be connected via the terminal and in that case what way? 

Shoud i do something different during setup of the pineapple?

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im guessing that it is the alfa awus036neh from the hakshop?  if so, plug it into the usb port on the pineapple.  It will not help with pineAP as that is run off the internal radios.  The usb ralink will allow you to run other modules while your other radios are busy or it can provide internet access to the pineapple for clients to have internet access throught PineAP.  I hope this helps.  Being new I suggest you watch some of the videos made by hak5 to learn more about the pineapple.  Alot of Mark5 videos are still good to learn from also.

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