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arpspoof using openvpn connection


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Hello everybody!

I connect to openvpn server and try to arpspoof a host in this network.

When i type : 


arpspoof -i tun0 -t

I got an error :


arpspoof: unknown physical layer type 0xFFFe

I can ping VPN computers from my wlan0 interface. It answer OK.


ping -I wlan0

But when i run :


arpspoof -i wlan0 -t

I recive error: 


arpspoof couldn`t arp for host

Do you have any ide how i can do this ?

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VPN is a virtual private adapter. While it acts like a normal network adapter, you're not physically on the same connected segment like you would on a LAN. Even L2TP gets encapsulated and then sent over layer 3(IP), so a normal layer 2 spoof of mac addresses, will probably fail in the VPN encapsulation of network traffic. That is my theory, but I'm just thinking out loud. 

If you were to RDP/SSH or VNC into a machine on the VPN side, and ran the arpspoof from inside the LAN of the VPN side, things would go much different, but you'd have to fight with whatever the foreign networks mesh is setup like and how many routers, switches and routing protocols are in place.

On a home LAN and wifi network, its much simpler, but on larger networks, depending on the equipment between network segments, things are going to fail between routers and switches(as well as with VPN tunnels). Small lan segment on the same switch or router, things would be different.

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