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.bat to delete registry files


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Is it possible using a batch to delete registry files? The reason I ask is I want to remove all traces of apps that have been run from USB. I have a few apps that run from directory but save my settings to the local computer, I want to have a batch that i can run after im finished with the apps that would delete the registry files storing the application settings.

Also would you recommend process monitor as the best way to check what reg files are being made by an app?

Can i use something like:

rd /s /q HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareAppName


Thanks for your time.

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Google is your friend

 Win 2000, XP You can create .reg file and specify in it minus sign before the key name to delete (example - contents of sample file c:del.reg):



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Thanks for the reply remkow! I'm not sure I understand what you're saying, I'm pretty new to all this sort of stuff. Is that the path to where registry files are stored?

Go to start>run and type in cmd

type in "reg /?" without the quotes

read the stuff it says in the little black screen.

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