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Changing settings from cmd or powershell


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5 hours ago, ElektricUnic0rn said:

I'm talking about the gui settings you get when pressing Windows + i

Sorry, not sure entirely what you mean here.

Different 'settings' within Windows will have entirely different ways of amending them. Some will require registry changes and a reboot, some will simply be one-liners from CMD or PowerShell, some won't be possible with CMD or PowerShell at all. You'll need to advise exactly what settings it is that you are trying to amend.

Also, Google is your friend. I'm sure that if you type "PowerShell [name of setting]", something will come up for you.

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13 hours ago, ElektricUnic0rn said:

Specifically the language settings, specially the keyboard layout one. Checked on google and haven't really found anything, i might not know how to use google. I will keep serching though.

A quick search on Google yielded loads of results.

The first result gives you everything you need.

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