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Nano tactical elite


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I bought the wifi tactical elite with the wifi USB. 

How can I use the nano tactical non USB tethered to my nexus 5? (Managed through my android and utilising my mobile internet) 

It may not be possible but that's what I gathered from the videos about it.

thanks a lot for any help! :)

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you can make a wireless AP on your nexus 5 and use the 3rd radio to connect to it and then control the pineapple wireless.  

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go to your network settings in settings and there will be a slide option for wifi tether and you turn it on.  Depending on the carrier that was phone is programmed for, you might not be able to.

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What carrier are you using with your nexus 5, and does it support personal hot spotting?

The wifi hotspot will be the easiest way to go. Start the hotspot on the phone, navigate to the networking settings on the nano, scan for available networks (using the third USB Radio), connect. Now you have internet, and your nano will serve at the next hop gateway to any client that connects to it.

However, just keep in mind that your wifi hotspot will broadcast. If you are trying to stay totally silent ... just keep certain things in mind. If your phone's hotspot is broadcasting "So and so's Mobile Nexus 5 hotspot!" .....

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Google Fi ..

I think that would work except it would eat up my data given I'm not passing thru the Open Wifi of the public place.  I can only guess it had something to do with Google Wifi Assistant at this point.  I did connect to another secure network via the phone, used the tethering option and that appeared to work quite well.

Something about walking into this place and my phone using the Google assistant to auto-establish some connection was different.  When left, it did as well.  It's not in my saved list.

I'll have to test out your idea.  Pretty sure that would work but I didn't want to serve my my own data plan.  Appreciate the additional insight.  Worth testing. :grin:

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I can start hot spot no problem...but how do I navigate to the pineapple...i tried to enter the I.P in the browser, but it never could find nano, also when I used to plus the mini wifi card in (nano plugged in and power with the y-cable) I would see wlan1 and wlan2 now only wlan1 is displayed


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