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I am trying to write a script to run some programs remote from another computer on my network.

I was hoping to ssh in using -X and run the programs to save me installing (and configuring) them again.

However after I connect to another computer I need to enter my username and password.

I was wondering if I could incorporate these into my script for a silent connection and execution of the program or if failing that i could be asked to enter the info in a small xterm, which will disappear after the password in entered and then run the program silently.

n.b the password and username are the same on all my computers, if that helps.

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You could add the password but you really shouldn't. Instead the recommended way of doing it is to use key files.

SSH with keys

I had a script to send files from one computer to another everynight (backup of security camera images). Setting up ssh with keys was the easiest way I found, plus it's more secure.

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