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PCI-E vid card power


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Ok.  Building a new hashcat rig. Gonna/Wanna make some custom cables.

Typical video cards need a little extra power then the PCI bus can provide, so they put a connector on a corner to run power from the PSU.

My question (and prefer people that back up their answers) *why* 3 or 4 separate 12volt and common lines?  They *all* go to the same 'rails' inside the PSU, and on the card.  Basic electronics states electricity will follow the path of least resistance, thus  going over 3 wires vs 1, its going to 'bounce' a bit as the wires heat up and the resistance change from the heat. 

(running 2 'hot' leads to an outlet to cover the amp draw would *never* pass NEC)

My suspected reason is cable flexibility.

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Some cards have 6 pins. Depends on the hardware. I assumed it's because power is broken between components of the card processing and if they have fans or not, but don't quote me on that. A quick google might reveal why, although I haven't looked yet. 


This might be an answer as well: 


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Cool.  So its the semi-false thick hard to bend wire claim.

Yes, 10 gauge THHN solid is stiff, but 000 welding cable is rather supple.  Its not the gauge, but the number of strands (and their individual diameter) along with the insulation.  (think drone/RC silicone wire)

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I would think AMPS come into play as well. Thicker the wire, more amps as well, no?

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