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Getting along with PineApple Nano


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I for my very basic and a foolish question, my apologies!!


I have recently started with PineApple Nano and I am very exited about it. I have set up Nano on m Kali machine and it is looking good. However, I am kind of lost here on what should I do next and how to explore it in full.

It will be grateful if someone can tell me how to go with nano as a beginner and what features i should explore step by step.


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Start with some of these a lot are setup videos for different OS, but you will find some helpful information on there and even some of the videos made using the MK5 are still good to learn from.  Then go to youtube or google and search different modules and how they work and what they do.  

anything you try, try it on your own equipment as doing it to somebody else is illegal and frowned at here.  Hope this helps.

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