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How to use External Alfa Card to connect Nano to my SSID?


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I have an Alfa with the Atheros AR9271 chipset.  When I plug it into my Nano and log in with SSH, I can see that it is recognized as wlan2 on the Pineapple Nano. I'm just not sure on what commands I can use to actually search for or enter my SSID and connect to it with my password.  Any suggestions?

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I have connected to the Internet with the following commands:


# ifconfig

^ This tells me that wlan2 has been added when I plug in my Alfa Wifi adapter.

# ifconfig wlan2 up

# iwconfig wlan2 essid (my essid name) key (my key)

# udhcpc -i wlan2


NOW... is it possible for me to use this connection from the Alfa card for the Pineapple GUI?  If I try to load bulletins or list modules for download, I get an error that there is no Internet connection.

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You might have to set the default route on the pineapple. SSH into the pineapple and run "route" on the pineapple and see if the IP address of your WiFi router is set as the default gateway. If it isn't you can set it like so "route add default gw <router_ip> netmask". You may need to remove the one that's there by default. You can do that with a command like so "route del default gw" assuming that the route in there by default is pointing to

After writing that I just remembered that there should be a method of changing the default gateway from the pineapple's GUI. Check the networking menu and you should find it :)

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