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elinks on Nano? Problem installing...


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Greets all:

Trying to get a solution working for portal authorization (for public wifi; starbucks, wherever) to be able to connect my Nano directly to Wifi (via a USB RTL adapter) and pass an Internet connection through to the client..

Looking at elinks or portalsmash.

Tried to install elinks via 'opkg update && opkg install elinks'

All I get is Unknown package, and cannot install.  Suggestions?

Thanks all!

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Bueller...?  Bueller...?



Perhaps I should explain a bit more in depth. I would like to have elinks installed on the Nano so I can connect to a public wifi via a USB adapter on the Nano, thereby providing an Internet connection to the clients connecting to the Nano, but must have some means of accepting ToU/passing the portal on the public wifi in order to do so.

Hopefully that makes sense. Using elinks to browse and accept seems like the easiest way, but the latest update doesn't seem to contain the package.

Suggestions? Or is there an alternate method that would be as straightforward?


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