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Manual Infusion Installer Script for 2.8.1

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Hey everyone!

Today I pulled my Mark IV Pineapple off the shelf it's been sitting at for the last few years just to discover that the Pineapple Bar (among many other things) is broken :(

Thankfully after a bit of searching I found the cause and solutions in this thread.

With the instructions provided by @kerravon and @Sierra Juliet and I was quickly able to get my pineapple up and running again with all the infusions I wanted.

Although, the actual process wasn't that difficult, I'm a lazy person and I didn't want to have to redo everything if I decided to reflash my pineapple. ;)

Simply clone everything found here https://github.com/x9a3k/wifi-pineapple-manual-infusion-mark4 onto a usb, pop open an ssh session to your pineapple and run /usb/install.sh


This script will do the following automatically

1. Create a symlink between by running "ln -s /usb/infusions/ /pineapple/infusions/usbInfusions"

2. Update the opkg.conf file to use the mk5 repo so you can install packages again

3. Update the moduleList file to reflect the recently added infusions.

All inf
usions were cloned from WhistleMaster's Pineapple MK4 Repo with the exception of reaver which was downloaded from Kerravon's Pineapple site

Hope this helps!

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x9a3k Thanks for the script and putting up everything on github. One thing, the install script has a double quote at the end of line 1. After I fixed that all went well. Well it did after I figured out my Pi 3 running Raspbian jessie was letting the Pineapple assign a dhcp address, in addition to my static, to eth0. Confused everything until I sorted that out.

Thanks again.

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