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Ducky on OSX Sierra


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Hello everybody

I'm new here and have bought me a ducky to test the whole. To the info I am not a programmer. :-)

I work on a Mac (sierra 10.12.2) and would like to test some playloads for OSX. So at the moment still no specific goal.

My problem starts with the installation.

1. If I insert Ducky
the operating system would indentifie the keyboard. For this problem I would have found this post:

2. The real problem->
    2.1: How can I find out which firmware is on the USB stick?
    2.2: How to update the firmware?
     2.3: If I want to install the dfu-programmer so bootstrap.sh come the messages:
./bootstrap.sh: line 2: aclocal: command not found
./bootstrap.sh: line 3: autoheader: command not found
./bootstrap.sh: line 4: automake: command not found
./bootstrap.sh: line 5: autoconf: command not found

Would be really glad to tips and tricks or links to videos?

Thank you
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check out Darren and Snubs youtube channel that is a wealth of knowledge. In any case if you are lazy you can change the PIV/DIV of the ducky to make it look like an apple keyboard and apple will not ask you to setup the keyboard. 

check out the wiki for the rest of your stuff

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