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What is wrong with my Ettercap-command & SSLstrip?


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I'm experimenting with Ettercap to perform MiTM attacks, and DNS-spoof. My setup exists out of two laptops.

  • Laptop A running Kali Linux 2.0 and is the 'attacker' machine (IP:,
  • and Laptop B running Windows 7 as 'victim' (IP:

I'm encountering a few problems when I try this, first of all, the command 'route' doesn't find my actual default gateway. It says the default is '', but Ettercap and the Windows machine say it is '' which is the correct one.

But that ain't he biggest problem, the biggest problem is, that my DNS-spoof attack is working when performing it using the Ettercap-GUI. But as soon as I try to do it by using the terminal it fails; it doesn't even intercept the requests made from the victim.

My command:

ettercap -T -q -i wlan0 -M arp:remote -P dns_spoof //


What is wrong with this command, because the attack works in graphical mode there is something wrong with the command, not with my network setup.

I also made a video showing the problem: https://sendvid.com/8o8p2ssz like you can see there it is working graphical, but not from terminal using the command.

And than my second question

Can someone point me in the right direction/tutorial on how to use this attack with SSLstrip? This to perform a downgrade attack to also be able to DNS-spoof SSL-protected (HTTPS) websites. Of course I have searched myself, but none tutorial or video found showing it with Ettercap etc.



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