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Web to MySQL & backend lang?


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So if making a site (simple) from scratch and hard coding it all, what lang to sanitize input for a MySQL database, and general 'glue' for backend stuff?

From what I've gathered PHP is way to hard to keep secure overall.

Is Python an viable option?  Been a decade since I fumbled about with Java (didn't enjoy it at *all*)

I'd prefer something established, and not in the possible fad range.

Thanks hackers and hackettes


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Any language can be written securely, you just need to do your research and put some effort in. The best language is one you know in an environment you know.

If you understand windows better then go for a dotnet based language, Linux php is probably easiest to pick up quickly, rails or django is probably more secure out of the box.


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PHP is my "go to" language for backend stuff. I've worked with Java before but PHP is just more straight-forward to use.

It has everything you need to secure it, just sanitize anything coming from the users, use prepared statements for SQL queries, and keep everything nice and simple. Complexity is the enemy of security.

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