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Anybody use Snort?

I consulting on a business that has limited resources so i am looking to cut some cost, as most of the funds were spent upgraded their end user hardware and migrating necessary software to a cloud solution.  They are currently using their firewall to do everything routing, DHCP, IDS, VPN and overall network management.  A lot of those features require licences yearly, while i have already managed to repurpose some of their switches for internal routing and network management and used one of the left over servers for a DHCP server.  I wanted to see if snort would be a viable solution for IDS  so that they could have active live alerts not just someone checking the firewall.



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Snort is only going to be able to detect what is sent at it's IP or if it is set up as a network tap what is sent at the IP it is between.  PFSense is another viable firewall that lets you see activity.  Snort itself is not going to monitor the entire network though.

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