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Rubber Ducky Keystroke Speed


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Hi all

I have recently purchased a USB rubber ducky and am starting to have a play with this thing. I was trying to create a payload to work in VMPlayer on some test machines that I have and the keystroke speed is too fast for the bus on the VM. I then moved onto my windows 10 host and was trying to set up the reverse shell payload and am having the same problem - though not as bad.

I have tried to add the STRING_DELAY command in the script but this causes the ducky to type "S".

I have tried this on a number of firmwares but currently using v2.1 and am using the java duckencoder in a windows 10 environment. 


Any help would be massively welcomed.

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Thank you, that worked perfectly!

I had seen that command in the documentation but it implies that the command adds a delay between each command i.e - the same as DELAY 100 between each command but evidently this is not the case.

I'm a happy bunny now - finally got a couple of shells out of the ducky now.


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