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Direct connection from Tetra to Router


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Hi everyone,

New user here so please forgive me for any 'no brainer' questions/issues I'm about to voice:

I would like to connect the Pineapple directly (via ethernet cable) to my home router.  Please, I know this has been discussed before here in the forums.  I've read everything relevant I can find on it but the closest I could get was this post:

Where Sebkinne kindly suggested the poster review the info at: http://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/uci/network

I have been to that link but am still unable to work this out.  Seems to me I need to stop the LAN port on the pineapple being assigned an IP by the router.  I cant do it through the router, as it expects all 192.168.x.x address' and that doesn't suit the Pineapple.  Anyone there that could step me through this?  Being able to leave it at home, constantly connected while I practiced was sort of the point of buying the not as portable Pineapple Tetra model.

Note: I have been able to do the initial setup of the pineapple while its connected in this fashion and then I can later login/reach the Pineapple via wifi.  However when I try to do that same trick (connect via wifi) 20 mins later, the page just times out and is never reached again.

Thanks team.

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hey Black,

Im not entirely sure if this solves what you want to achieve but if your pineapple is connected by ethernet to your router you can reach the web interface by navigating to the ip it is assigned and its webpage port in your browser. EG 192.168.x.x:1471.  I was having a problem with keeping connected to the management wifi also. I havent been able to find a solution to that yet.

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Yep, worked beautifully thanks bud.  Four hours up time and counting (given I'd be lucky to break 10 mins before I'll take that as a win.)  Can reach Pineapple management AP whilst I'm on my regular home wifi network - no need to even connect to the pineapple management one.  Although that works too should the need arise.

Thanks so much, nice to be able to focus on the practice now instead of just getting it to stay on.



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