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Your War Rig


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12 hours ago, bashincajun said:

how do you like it?  I am shopping around for a newer one as i have an Accer Aspire V that is just getting a little to clunky.

I like it, it's almost 4 years old now and the screen is giving out. Runs Ubuntu Linux just fine and all of it's hardware is supported.

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Dunno about a War Rig :D but I pimped my old laptop with a Ono Sendai sticker. Now bring out your best ice breaker and simstim to kill that Blackice!!

Ono what the hell!?? Google it!

Highly addictive, ordering stickers online


IMG_20170211_163534 - Copy.jpg

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My war rig.  2015 MBP (dual boot OSX and Kali), Tetra, Nano, 2x ravpower 22000mah battery and 20100 Jackery Titan.  Also Linux Mint 18.1 Desktop.

Doing a test on how long these batteries will power the Tetra under load.

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1 hour ago, ɱax said:

Looks good :grin:

What are you watching (top of screen)?

7 Deadly Sins on Netflix.  4 episodes of season 2 just came out yesterday.

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