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Ah, I see the problem. You need more spuds...Have you tried the WiFi-Potato instead? Guaranteed more internets.




So mobile hotspot > tetra > users machines - request for YouTube fails to load?

1 - can the machines get online in general over the mobile hotspot directly sans tetra?

2 - what kind of speeds are nodes able to get over mobile hotpot connected with/without the tetra?

3 - what tests have been done to show youtube doesn't work on tetra vs mobile network alone?

4 - have you tried using alternate network, such as bridging tetra to local ISP/home lan network and bypassing mobile hotspot to rule out as culprit?

5 - could it be the mobile network only allows mobile browsers, proxied access to mobile youtube site vs full site via said mobile network?

There are probably more important questions to be asked as well, but the lack of knowing what exactly is happening, the complete network/setup, any error messages, tests done and comparison between mobile network and high speed network, leaves us to ponder what else is being left out of the equation.

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1 yes the computer and phones can get online with out the pineapple and with it 

2 the speeds are fairly normal 

3 I've tried the YouTube app and online and got the report that were offline

4 I haven't tried to put it on a local isp

5 I have tried to browser but YouTube  won't work other apps Snapchat and Instagram fail to so I need to get those up

Hope this helps 

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Going back to my post, questions 1 and 3.


Do the devices, when connected to the mobile hot spot directly without the tetra, have the same issues of not being able to use the apps and sites in question?


#4 - test without the mobile hotspot using the tetra as the main gateway on a home lan, just to rule it out as the issue(which I think it might not be, but not 100% sure yet - this would at least be the quickest test)


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