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Lan Turtle factory reset


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I have followed the wiki steps for factory resetting the Lan Turtle ( https://lanturtle.com/wiki/#!index.md )

In addition to this, I have followed this fellow who seems to have had the same problem. (And fixed it)

However, I am having absolutely no luck reaching the internal webserver of the lan turtle. Once I type in into my web browser, it hangs for approximately 2 seconds, and states that there is no internet.


If someone could help me asap, it would be greatly appreciated, as I need it for a demonstration this week.

Thank you for your time.


PS. If it helps, I am on the Parrot operating system, although I do have both windows and default debian installed as well. (I've tried all 3 OSs, and still no luck.)



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I decided to reset mine and interestingly have the same problem lol. I'm on a winblows 7 machine and the turtle has the ip with 1.1 gateway I expected however I can't get pings to the 1.1 gateway. I run cmd as admin and "route add mask" which fails because that route already exists which I saw from a route print but figured I'd give it a shot since it worked for Crash over in that other thread, probably a linux vs windows issue. Fortunately breaking stuff and figuring out how to fix it is the fun part for me :)

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