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Cant get the Nano to connect to wifi


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Hello anyone out there I just recently bought the Hak5 essentials get and couldn't wait to use it, when using the pineapple I ran into a major problem. I'm new to the Pineapple and have only owned it for a day and a half now and only used it twice. On the first night everything was working but I was struggling to get PineAP working, have connected clients (also how do I get connected clients) and getting any modules to work. But now I cant even get my Nano to connect to the internet these are my settings for windows 10 and load bulletins or download modules, also I can browse the different pages but nothing works without internet access. Finally I'd prefer to use windows as it just easier than having to use kali (kali on vmware)




Please help as I have read the hak5 forums and cant seem to fix my problem I am probably forgetting something obvious but cant see it. I was really excited to get my hand on a pineapple but now I'm just sad that i cant get it to work.

Thanks in advance. 

Edit: I have tried Kali Windows 10 and different wireless interfaces for both Kali and Windows (using the Alfa usb wifi adapter connected to wifi for pine wifi connection) in trying these different methods I found a pattern for some reason a setup would work the first time I tried but second time I used the same configuration and it would work. So by this I found that both on Kali and Windows 10 for me my first time I used a configuration it works amazing fine but any other time it just doesn't work even with the same setting and configuration. Pls help as I was looking forward to using my first line and it simply doesn't work.


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