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Pineapple Corporate Toolkit


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My first thread here on Hak5, so bare with me I don't follow rules.
If I violate anything please ask me to stop, within reason I will comply.






I'm just going to say this one time: I'm not responsible for your poor decision to do this. You break it, youre buying a new one, not me. Blame me for anything and I will laugh in your face, and make fun of you to my friends.

That being said, lets start hacking some Pineapples!


I want to construct a chroot environment discussed here by Matt Burch


Where he discusses capturing enterprise credentials from RADIUS servers using EAP authentication.

We begin by sshing to the pineapple and sending the update command 

opkg update


And setting up fstab with an external powered usb hub and a 16gb thumbdrive.

In linux, format the drive as an extended partition. Setting the majority of the drive as ext4 and the remaining portion as swap space.Here is a copy of my fstab

config global automount
    option from_fstab 1
    option anon_mount 1

config global autoswap
    option from_fstab 1 
    option anon_swap 1

config mount
    option target /usb
    option device /dev/sda5
    option fstype ext4 
    option options rw,sync 
    option enabled 1
    option enabled_fsck 0

config swap
    option device /dev/sda6
    option enabled 1

From what I understand so far, we are going to need a copy of the Hak5 Tetra firmware.bin

So pulling the git to my linux machine, my layout looks like this:

 git clone https://github.com/WiFiPineapple/openwrt-pineapple-tetra.git ~/Desktop/PINESHIT/pineGIT

There are several prerequisites for the host nix machine that are not always easy to find/fix. For example, to get the required libz-dev and libc headers I had to install

sudo aptitude build-dep nginx 

Open ~/Desktop/PINESHIT/pineGIT/openwrt-pineapple-tetra and run

sudo make-config

This will open the GUI for building a custom image for the Tetra.
So there are about 2000 customization options. If you chose something that the pineapple dosent like, you may end up with a fruity brick. Study and understand what you are building, and what the options are. Start with blind compiling an image just to make sure that it builds. Meaning dont chose any options, just complete a build, not be saved, used or tested. If it completes, then our build space is solid and we can start understanding the build requirements to ensure full awesomeness.

My init build took about 4 hours on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS 2gb RAM 2 i7 4770R @3.20GHz. It completed, but the next 2 didn't because I didnt invoke with sudo.

sudo make -j1 V=s

 Also, I'm stuck with chroot giving me unhelpful feedback.
root@BDU_Fruit:~# chroot /usb/chroot
chroot: can't execute '/bin/ash': No such file or directory

Until I can get passed the chroot my project is dead in the water.

I ask the community to help me finish! Hows that go.... apt-get help  


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I know, sorry about that. It was late and I was getting frustrated (I didnt think it was going to be a permanent location until it was).

Its amazing how much emotional investment occurs in the beginning of anything. Once me and this aggressive/beautiful component get better in tune, I'll have other new things I'll be upset about!

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