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Facing expolsion from college


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I'm confused, were you running it from a connection owned by the school or something? Otherwise I don't see why they would care in the first place. If you were and you left it open to anyone of course they can boot you of the network, have you face expulsion from school and involve the police. All depending on what it was being used for.

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If what you've said is exactly true then I can't see any issue. You've done nothing wrong and they've got nothing to expel you for and if they do you have major grounds for complaint.

Request a written (and dated/signed) explanation of exactly what you've done wrong.

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Well if it is completely separate from your school I really can't see why they are even bothering you. They have no authority over outside things. Unless you signed some ridiculous contract when you started or is going to one of those insane religious schools where they can do whatever they want.

Just do as moonlit said and get a written statement about what you supposedly did wrong and in what way this breaks school regulations or the law. Just try to be as nice as possible when asking for it, no need to get into more artificial trouble just because you know you are right. My guess is that at that point they will most likely drop it because they don't have anything on you.

However, you should be careful when running something like a proxy since as an individual you could probably be held liable for anything criminal that is done using it.

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I believe the rules are a little... hazy when they suspect there's been some law breaking has occurred (even if it hasn't they can say that they had reason to suspect you may have been breaking the law)...

I would've thought that they'd have had to have got the police involved it it were at all serious and I'm sure you'd have heard something by now if they had.

It's possible though, IANAL so I have no real idea where this starts and ends, I'm just aware that there are many ways around rules an regulations if one should have the inclination to do so.

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ok i dont kno ure legal system but over here if they would boot u out of colledge without a legitimate reason (like this) u can sue them and make em go to court , and easily get back in to colledge and easily @ least half ure studies payed for :P ...

dunno if u can get a pro-deo loyer over there ....

over here if u have such problems there are searten numbers you can call and certain services u can ask/get free advice from (over here : clb , cjb , ....)

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Step one: Keep a calm civil tounge in your head.

Step two:

Ask for a formal meeting to discuss this, and record it openly. This is for both your your records, so offer them a copy. If they object, ask them what they are hiding, and why they won't be open about there policy's.

During this meeting, you need to have the formal charges they're bringing against you explained, ie which rule you broke, when, how and who.

You also need to ask them about there policy of prying into students lives, and again ask to see exactly which rules you have broken, and where it stipulates that your activity's outside of college (which you kept a distinction between) gave them cause to exclude you.

Ask which laws you broke, since they seem keen on that shitty idea.

If it gets anymore serious than this one meeting, you need to contact student services for a representative to sit in with you and maybe a lawyer.

If they drop this, don't stop there. Demand a full investigation, report them to the education authority, demand to speak to the dean and threaten to sue for impacting your education.

What ever you do, don't get angry, don't say things you might regret, be serious and relentless, even if they drop this. Keep pushing until you get a full report on this.

All in all they're being a bunch of twats, knives can kill people, but I don't see Pound Land getting sued because they sold someone a kitchen knife set. The ounus is on them to prove that you set the site up to commit or aide the commiting of crimes, its not on you to prove that you didn't. So legally they have to provide the evidence showing this. Out of interest, can they prove that you were using the proxy on there network?

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The college let me off with a formal warning, but no doubt they will bring it up again so that will come in useful.

I would object to that formal warning. It goes into your file and your next school will probably get access to it. You'll start off with the troublemaker rep, and that's the last thing you'll want.

Assuming you feel you did nothing wrong of course. If you set it up for the express purpose of going around school blocks to do stuff they don't want you to do on school computers, leave it at this. If you can show legitimate uses for having this in place, or even better, that this allowed you to do stuff the school was unable or unwilling to provide, which benefitted your school results, point this out and ask why they are giving you a formal warning for something so eminently useful.

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Thanks guys, and esp. VaKo.

The college let me off with a formal warning, but no doubt they will bring it up again so that will come in useful.

As for the site, I might just take the proxies down due to all the 'scare tactics' I've been presented with of being reported etc.

thanks again


then they've won .

if there's one thing u shud've learned of those dumb americans is to NEVER give in to scare tactics !

then they kno ure weak and will f*ck u over every chance they get !

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