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40 minutes ago, MrDaemon said:

The hakshop sells a shoulder bag that works great. I don't personally own one but in the pictures it looks like it fits both the pineapple nano and tetra and its big enough to fit the yagi and a small to average sized laptop.

It's a great bag, small enough to not be in the way, but large enough to fit quite a bit in it.

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it won't fit the yagi and would have to be a small laptop (my 10" fits in the one they don't look like they sell anymore)
*edit* (the 10" laptop doesn't fit in the one they still sell though)

here's a pic of the 3 bags i've gotten from hak5 with the tetra and my 15" laptop for size comparison: http://imgur.com/a/zPHii

I'm not sure why they stopped using the bag on the left for the tetra tactical, that's been a great bag.  The one on the right doesn't look like is in the shop anymore and was a little more spacious than the middle one (the current tetra tactical bag), but not by much.  I do like the middle one, but I don't use it anymore because the one on the right fits everything i had in that one plus a little more.

The yagi won't even fit in my full sized backpack, so i'm not sure what you are looking for to get that in...maybe a gym bag or duffel bag would be better suited?

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