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Alt + Y Issue When No Administrator Window Pops Up

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I just tried out the powershell code on my own computer, and hit a snag.

If Windows just opens the powershell without popping up the Administrator Yes/No window, then hitting Alt + Y messes up the code, turning it into:

ymode con:cols=18 lines=1

Which obviously isn't going to work.  I'm pretty sure I told my computer settings in the past to stop bugging me to confirm that as Administrator, yes, I wanted to let a program make changes.

I'm new to Ducky Script, so I don't know if there's a better alternative, but I think a quick fix could be just having it inject ENTER again after ALT y, so whether the Administrator window pops up or not, the rest of your code can continue.

Also, curious - is there an x,y position function in Ducky Script that can pop the powershell window completely offscreen, so the color scheme won't even matter? Or at least all the way down to the lower right corner, so hardly any of it is visible? If so, is there a relative position function so it'll always move offscreen/lower right regardless of screen size?

(Update: I just read a little Ducky Script...I think GUI DOWNARROW would minimize the powershell window to the taskbar, but unfortunately it stops being the active window, so no further code could be entered. Is there a workaround for this, maybe?)

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