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I'm currently at a boarding school so someone else is in control of my router. i want to try to log into this one MMORPG i've been playing but it requires that i open up ports 2300 to 2400 on the router. I tried everything short of taking the system admin's daughter hostage to open them but no luck. Is there any way to play this game (Allegiance) without killing the guy and opening the ports from his computer?

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well most routers ip addresses are (as long as they didn't change it) ... so type that IP in to your browser .. the defult

user name for most routers is Admin(istartor) and the common default passwords are: Password, Admin(istrator).

If you know the brand of the router i can be more specific.

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I never heard of as being the default password. It is usually besides that if you have physical access to the router just reset it there should be a little place in the back of the router that you can stick a paperclip in to reset it. Also most routers have the default password stuck on the bottom of the router you can always check there but i think he would have changed the password.

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I never heard of as being the default password.

What The Fuck? O.o ... i said the IP man O.o .. your are bizzar.

And if you reset it, it will restore to factory defaults and then will lose all the information on connecting to the ISP etc, there fore get this guy busted

whoah reflux you do talk some balax like

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