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Problem with handshakes captured on the nano


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Hey guys, I had some problems with the handshakes the nano captures. Whenever I download the handshakes to my Windows machine to crack them with hashcat or aircrack-ng the cap file seems to be corrupted and doesnt work anymore. So my first thought was that there were no handshakes in the cap file. I tried to crack the cap file on the nano itself using aircrack-ng and it worked.. 

I assume the cap file gets corrupted somewhere in the process of transfering the file to my windows machine. Do you guys have an solution to that ? Maybe some of you experienced the same problem.

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sometime with Site Survey it will show a handshake captured even though there is no handshake, this is a known issue.  ive never really been a fan of wifite after wps was a lost cause.  Use aircrack-ng via cl and see what kind of results you get.

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