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Max possible OpenVPN Client speeds


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I am a mark V owner thinking of purchasing a TETRA. If I were to use it as a normal router with an OpenVPN tunnel (i.e. TETRA is the client) what kind of speeds can I expect to get? It seems most routers max out at ~ 20Mb/s. Am I correct in assuming TETRA will not be able to handle a 100Mb/s connection ?

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I don't know about 100 Mb/s - I don't have the means to easily test that right now - but I will say I use a TETRA at home as my primary AP with a dedicated LTE modem and always-on OpenVPN connection and easily achieve 40 Mb/s throughput. The limitation is the LTE modem more than anything as taking the OpenVPN tunnel out of the equation doesn't increase speed coming from the LTE modem. 

See these Hak5 episodes:






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