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USB RubberDucky Defeat--no epoxy needed??

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Hey all,

I made a first pass at a rogue-USB-device defense called Beamgun. It's a tiny Windows-only service that listens for keyboards, network adapters, and usb storage devices and takes some user defined action (like locking the workstation or disabling the network adapter).

Code's here: https://github.com/JLospinoso/beamgun

Two blog posts on how it works (but it's pretty self explanatory):

https://jlospinoso.github.io/infosec/usb rubber ducky/c%23/clr/wpf/.net/security/2016/11/15/usb-rubber-ducky-defeat.html

https://jlospinoso.github.io/infosec/usb rubber ducky/lan turtle/c%23/clr/wpf/.net/security/2016/11/30/beamgun-update-poison-tap.html

Y'all are an incredibly innovative group and I'd love if you absolutely attack the crap out of it.

Game on!!




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