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found an ipod nano :)


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I was talking a walk one day and I saw it in the middle of the road, it was not turning on so I took it to a friend who has an ipod and charger, he charged it the thing worked perfectly I ordered a charger off ebay and removed the scratches from it using brasso, but I am looking for a metal black case anyone know a good place to buy one?


I'm also loving my Microsoft Desktop Elite 2.0 keyboard an mouse I would highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a mouse and keyboard

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Someone "found" an Ipod right out of my excoworker's car, along with his cellphone and $50 in his glove compartment. That would really have to suck.

Actually though that's pretty cool. As long as you found it and not "found" it. And I thought it was cool when another coworker found an unopened can of Cheese Wiz. That was a glorious day indeed.

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