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Duckberry Pi - UK Keyboard?


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Hi all,


Have been experimenting with Duckberry Pi on my new Pi Zero & I'm having a few issues. I was wondering if anyone could advise. 

Essentially, the scripts are running using a US keyboard layout - even though the correct symbols etc are in the script. I'm a UK user, so @ is appearing as " and \ is appearing as # for example.


Is there anywhere I can define the keyboard layout? As the Duckberry Pi uses raw duckyscript without being encoded, I cannot use the encoder.jar to run the script due to the method of encoding.


Appreciate any guidance!

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I have been using the same thing but in the us.  can you change the keyboard layout on the OS itself by ssh or connecting monitor and keyboard to change. Just an Idea

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I tried booting with a monitor and keyboard attached however nothing appeared on the screen, due to the lack of ethernet port I was unable to connect to my LAN (I have not got a USB WLAN dongle). It appeared that it didn't boot into a typical OS. I will keep trying. 

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WATSEE: As for the keyboard layout issue (US/UK) - I think the easiest way would be to alter the bash script to pickup a locale identifier (eg. 'MAP UK' or 'MAP US') and translate the 6-8 character differences between the two keyboard types.  I had to do the same with other Arduino 'Ducky' projects I worked on. If I get time in the next few days, I'll do that and post it back here.


Edit: Looks like you'd maybe better trying something like 'setxkbmap gb' as you'd need to change both the duckpi.sh and the C file. (I wonder why the originators wrote it that way - seems a bit limited.)

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