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form of secret communications ??


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ok guy me and a couple of friends was wanting  some opinions

what we want is some kind of comunications that is 100% private  ...we was thinking about irc

what do u all think it needs to be encrypted traffic ?? or something  we just want to chat and nobody can see what we talk about

i've never even used irc im kinda new to it  ...i know its been around forever but i'd like to know what you guys think

thanks in advance

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I'd stick with IRC (old/tested/proven) all these app's that popup out of no where and offer secure comm's by some obscure company freak me out (are they GOV funded, who actually coded it, if they just produce that one application where is the money to pay programmers/testers/etc..) of course im overly paranoid and thats just my two cents.

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thats actually what i was looking for is irc  but   i need to know more about irc traffic  ...how easy  can it be cracked is it   encrypted ? 

can  anyone sniff it i want to talk  as comfortably as im talking to you now   n0rpg0d 

and i agree these apps freak me out as well   do u have any suggestions on wich irc client to go with ?

im runnung ubuntu  behind a pfsense   firewall  ..   and remember ive seen irc a bunch but ive never used it   i dont know  what to use

is xchat safe ?  i dont want no one sniffing my conversations is all lol  ty very much for the feedback  all of u all i dont know what i'd do without

my community

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