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hotmail certification


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i know hotmail sux... thats why im on gmail now but i wana look at my old address if i have mail...

but recently i have this certification error message

yea i have a wireless router but im usap WPA

but just for the moment i disabled it but i still get the message

so this guy in the middle is betwen my public ip and hotmail ?

or he could be just in front of hotmail and intercepting connections for everyone !? i dont use my hotmail account anymore but i dont want a douche to use my e-mail to annoy the crap outa everyone.

i dont really know what to do... since he could stay there for a long time right ?

can a man in the middle attack be targeting multiple ip ?

p.s. plz dont be to harsh with my english =P

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my computer time is ok

i tried a lot of ways to access hotmail

different links from google

so this guy could sit there indefinitely

this is ridiculous lol

the certificate look like an old microsoft one but

can some one make up one or something

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i don't actually think that this is really a problem. i've gotten it before myself when logging into hotmail.

try logging in using IE. I think that msn just uses certificates that have only been signed by MS i think they consider themselves a certificate authority, and not by verisign. If you can log in without a problem coming up when you use IE you should be ok.

I think that in fact different parts of the site have components that are encrypted using different certificates. What you may want to do is when in firefox, just not accept their certificate. If you're able to log in anyway then it means that the certificate used to send your username and password is actually ok

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