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UK Power, Associate, Client Mode


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Hola Amigos

1 Answer and a few questions.

#1 (ANSWERED) When powered with my phone charger (micro USB) the device would always reboot with seconds of the PineAP being set to "aggressive mode".

Turns out I had the wrong power, I'm now using the US plug (I'm in the UK so I used a mains convertor) and now it's fine.  

A friend of mine had the exact same issue so it's not just me, hopefully this comment helps someone else.


#2 Question

I've followed 5 tutorials, and I still can't get clients to auth to me.

I filter client MAC correctly, I enable the PineAP, it broadcasts the correct SSID and my clients wont connect, even when I hit de-auth 1000 times.

I'm only mirroring "open" wifi spots from around my city (i.e. no WEP/WPA)

I even tried to manually force the client to connect to the SSID, it tries but fails, the log on Tetra says: (MAC redacted)

hostapd: wlan0: STA a0:39:f7:aa:aa:aa IEEE 802.11: authenticated

The clients (2 android phones and a laptop) say "saved".   I thought this was a network issue on the North side of Tetra, but Tetra can connect to the internet (over cat5) and download plugins/bulletins, and the DG under Networking looks right

I've tried for several hours and read the forums, but still no clue, any ideas please?



#3 Question

Aside from #2, if I try to use "Wifi client mode" and press scan, Tetra picks up 15 SSID in the area, but not mine!  

I have 2 SSID in the house, not hidden, every other tool finds them fine, no security./lock down at all.  I've scanned 1000 times and Tetra finds everyone else but me.

Tetra is 5m from the WAP with no obstructions





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