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Ducky running deleted payload


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So im pretty sad to already have an issue as i just received my ducky after a long wait... But hey, maybe im doing something wrong. So i started playing around with some payloads and it all worked fine. That was until somehow the last payload i deleted from the sd-card started running every time im plugging in the ducky. When i add another "inject.bin" file on it it says that the file name is already used on that device. So obviously the script is still on there except i cant find it anywhere. Also the script is running over and over again without me having to press the button.

Any help is apprectiated

Thank you

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Are you loading a new inject.bin file directly onto the sd-card from the rubber ducky?  I believe you have to pull the duck out, pull the sd-card out of the duck, put it in a micro-sd adapter, plug it into the computer, then update your inject.bin file.

I was writing a few ducky scripts a few days ago and had my duck set up as a twin duck.  I thought to myself, great I can test a script, edit it, and repeat by pressing the button.  At least in my case it appeared that the inject.bin ran from the ducky the first time it's in there and then gets put into some sort of memory on the duck.  No matter what edits, mods, whatever I did to my script it just kept replaying the old script.  It wasn't until I went back to the old way of doing it (removing the card and using an adapter) that everything worked fine.  I do wish though that with the twin duck, pressing the button to do a replay would actually reload the inject.bin file.  That would greatly reduce the amount of tugging on that micro sd card.  And if I'm wrong and the button does reload the inject.bin please someone let me know.  Hope that helps.

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