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some questions about the nano


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Some questions for you good folks, and apologies if i'm asking questions previously answered

  • How do you allow devices to connect to the nano wifi without entering a password.
  • And, how do you allow users to auto connect, as though it's a trusted wifi network they've already connect to?
  • I was going to ask how do you allow devices to connect to the nano without having to add their MAC address to filters, 'allow mode'. I've just now updated to firmware 1.1.3 from 1.1.2, and noticed that i no longer need to add the mac address... (i don't think). is this now the case?
  • what's the difference between the two antennas? is the one closet to the LED light the transmit or receive?



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Well my suggestion is doing some reading  there is lots to learn 


If you goto networking tab 

You should have  a managment ssid  

And a open ssid     one has a hidden option   the open ap is for victims 

The management is for you to connect to 


As for getting clients to connect   please research pineap   

I noticed a book was released  might want to pick it up   also checkout the wiki tons of great info  


You will get more help if you google first 

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the radio closest to the led is the sniffer/injection wlan1 and the one closest to the female usb is the management radio or client radio wlan0.  Both radios do different things and they are different chips for a reason.  Somebody that knows more can explain better.  

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