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Has been a whole Hak5 has not responded

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I ordered the USB Rubber Ducky on October 31 2016. Order number  #87147

I have contacted Hak5 twice about this issue trying to be as patient as I can knowing that they only have a few staff members that work the shop.

Maybe a forum posting will help, My issue is that the re-deploy button on the Duck does not work. I would really like it to work because some machines take forever for the driver to load. The scripts run only after I load driver, take the duck out, and put it back in. but regardless when I press the button, nothing happens. Even if i just finished running the script, and hit the button..... nothing.

I have said in both of my emails to you, that I would be willing to re-pay for the shipping, and even ship you back the defective duck. Just let me know and do not leave me in the dark please.


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Hey, I recently bought my USB Rubber Ducky to. I'm also having problems with the replay button on the PCB? Doesn't work at all even if I try premade scripts? I don't know why it's not working & it really sucks to not have it working. If the Hak5 or someone else could provide a solution or support, that would be great!


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Does the problem occur only when in the USB casing? What about plugging in the duck naked, and try pushing the actual button on the board? Mine works beautifully. You can put the board into the casing both ways. So you have to be mindful of which side the actual button is on.

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Yes I've only done testing while the Rubber Ducky is naked & without any other attachments such as the casing. Firmly pressing the button for about 1 second, does nothing. Holding for around 10 seconds does nothing either. It does not repeat the script at all. Just seems like it's not working at all, like the original poster said, I just got mine literally about a week ago so we must have the same rubber ducky's in that batch. Meaning if we both have problems, maybe something must have happened?

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Darren, I did reply after you sent me the message on the forum. I sent a few messages.


Idk what is up, I still have not heard a response. I have moved on to the Digispark and the audrino micro. I will say the concept of the duck opened my eyes, I am just now using different hardware and my own software to do HID attacks.


Go here if you have a digispark and want to use it as a keyboard Hid attack

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I am experiencing exactly the problem that you have mentioned about the support of hak5.

my order is: #92373 purchased rubber duck 16/12

i know, its backordered... but i asked about udpate personal info (like fullname and taxid)...I haven't seen any field asking my tax id and that matter for brazil a lot.

and now i got another question, it´s possible the rubber ducky comes with Duck Twin Exfiltration files working on(pt-br)?

sorry for my bad english and thanks a lot

Merry Christmas for all

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