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Site Survey Module: Where To Open Monitoring Display


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Hi Folks,

I have recently purchased a Pineapple Juice 4000 (Neno), and I am a very new user to use this device and to do pen testing.

I configured my neno devices using Microsoft windows 10, and via ip

I installed one module Site Survey to see the 3 way hand shaking..

I click on scan, and wants to click capture, but there is a warring message that:

Warning: a monitor interface has to be enabled to display clients information

from where I have to enabled the monitor interface ?


I will appreciate your reply please!





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Very interesting question and someone may correct me if I'm wrong.

The only way to enable monitoring for a wireless card using the nano is through ssh

You would ssh and enter your nano password.

In the shell you would type airmon-ng start wlan1 or wlan2 (if you've got a secondary card)

Then go back to the GUI and it should allow you to run the program.

I really dislike this setup compared to the MARK V, which allowed you to toggle these options inside the GUI.

It's really just a matter of adding to the next update or to a new network module.  I'm sure others have noticed.

Actually some modules on the wifi nano will actually enable monitoring mode without prompting.  It's all in how the module is built.

I wish all modules would allow you to choose the card you want, but not all do.

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Thanks for your reply, somehow I enabled the monitoring, and now I can click on the capture and deauth buttons to capture the Three way handshake, does it take very long time to capture the WPA Handshake? i.e. the screen shows Capture (1) but the WPA Handshake status shows NO.. i am keep clicking Refresh Capture but status is No..

I have another requested question that is there any e-book available for the beginners ? like me that could help us to understand from where shall start ?

and how WiFi Pineapple works using windows?


Please guide!

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The best way to learn, at least for me, was watching youtube videos.

There are many videos showing the use of both the wifi nano and the older MARK V.

Also, it might benefit you to watch videos on using linux to capture handshakes, specifically KALI linux.

The pineapple uses most of the wireless features available to KALI linux, just attempts to make them more user friendly.

I would recommend youtube videos over any available e-book, but that is just me.  I am a visual learner.

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