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Rubber Ducky - Inject.bin isn't executing code

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I just got my first Rubber Ducky. when inserting the Rubber Ducky for the first time the default "hello" program worked as expected.
I have tried building and writing a my own inject.bin

The syntax i have used:
"DELAY 3000
 GUI r
 DELAY 200
 STRING notepad
 DELAY 200
 STRING Hello World!!!

After writing the new inject.bin - i can see that the green light is flashing but nothing happens
I have tried writing the inject.bin from windows and from a linux virtualbox machine but nothing changed

Did anyone encounter this issue ? Any idea what could be the issue ?



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If you are doing this from the command line, make sure you're using the correct repository from github:


From the ReadMe:

This new version allows you to use alternative layout. It supports ASCII, ISO-8859-1 and unicode.

$java -jar duckencode.jar -i script.txt -o inject.bin -l fr
$java -jar duckencode.jar -i script.txt -o inject.bin -l resources/mylayout.properties

(mylayout.properties = keyboard layout - so us.properties if in US)

Alternatively, you can use the DuckToolKit - which is what I used for my first few scripts:


See if the toolkit resolves you're issues; however at this point I prefer the actual duck encoder.


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OK good. I think the problem with the command line is you might be missing the keyboard layout. Try doing this whenever you get the chance:

jar duckencode.jar -i script.txt -o inject.bin -l resources/us.properties

Obviously the above line assumes you're in the US, so change it to whatever keyboard makes the most sense. I eventually ran into a problem with certain characters not converting correctly with the ducktoolkit. Good luck,


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