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Rubber Ducky Windows Rotation and Lock Problem (Problem On Other Operating Systems Too)

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I've recently been having a problem with my Rubber Ducky USB.

Whenever I try to execute a payload, Windows will either lock em out, or mess with the graphics so that it rotates the screen to Portrait Mode. (90 degrees)

The payload I am currently working on will open an executable file by NirSoft, called WebBrowserPassView. Once opened, it will pull all cached passwords off of any web browser and save them back onto the DUCKY's SD Card.

The executable file and all the needed files to run the payload are on the SD Card. (I used the Mini SD Card to USB Adapter)

The problem is, I can't progress the project without Windows either locking up, or rotating the screen.

This problem happens with running ANY payload now.

I can't tell if it is something I did to it, or if this is just a glitch...

Please Help!  ._.

If you need any other information, just contact me!

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