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A Question about security


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So my friend is a dumb dumb and has forgotten his password to his windows home pc. I've been looking for programs that can be installed to a USB that you can boot through to either reset or bypass the password all together and so far im not convinced. The whole thing seems too easy to me and im worried about it being a scam to steal data or something worse. My question is: Is there such a program that works and if so what are your recommendations that wont put malware onto my or his computer?

Many thanks


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The easiest way is to make a bootable USB of Kali linux.  Then enter the bios and select to boot from the USB instead of the computers hard drive.  Locate the SAM file and the system file.  Copy those to the kali drive and run john the ripper agains the files.  If his password is a simple one then it will figure it out.  If not there are programs you can boot from a CD that will remove a use or add a user.  I can't think of which ones they are though but they are extremely easy to use.

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