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Project, Intranet->LAN Turtle->Pi->Pineapple->Sever


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Sorry to post this in the non-pineapple area first, didnt see sticky before I did


Ok so I am giving a speech Thursday on this project I came up with. Originally I was just amusing myself with the concepts and knowing it was possible, but the more I played with it and played with the idea, the more I wanted to build it myself and test it. So I would like some help in my tweaking some ideas or whatnot.

It goes like this.

Use some good ol social engineering to get into a secure location ( scenario not literally ), Drop a LAN Turtle into the network, get admin access, add the Pi to the network ( I am using Warberry Pi for info gathering for the length of the Pineapple battery so say 8 hours ). Sending Info from LAN Turtle to the WarBerry pi would be simplest using AutoSSH I would imagine.

Now for arguments sake I have the information I want, from this point I just want it to be dumped to a personal server I have at home set up via Hamachi.

To meet that end I would have hidden a nano Pineapple tethered to a smartphone generating a hotspot. I would program the WarBerry Pi to be listening for this hotspot, once it connects to it. It would then have internet access, where was previously it did not being purely Intranet. Now with that connection the Warberry Pi Can send to my server at home.

This approach allows someone to drop these devices off at some secure location and access them remotely without ever having to go back.

Originally my plan called for someone coming back with the Pineapple to try and gather the info, but I like the fully automated approach.

Ideas and Criticisms would be hugely appreciated.

I am proud of myself being an undergrad and pretty young, I know this may sound like easy stuff to alot of people on here, but I am enjoying bettering myself.

Hola at me.

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