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Linux Wifi: Where to buy in the UK?


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I'm looking for a linux friendly wireless card, (mini PCI, USB or PCMCIA) that will work out the box for WEP/WPA cracking etc. I've seen a lot of places that sell them, but none in the UK. Anyone know where I can buy this type of kit in the UK?

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This reminds me of when I was trying out Auditor. Any way you probly know what card will work go online and find a place that will ship to you, if you cant find one that will, PM me and you can have it sent to me and I will in turn send it off to you.

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You should find wich card can go in monitor mode first. Without this mode, you won't be able to capture IV flags.

I can't find the website with the list of these WI-FI cards anymore. If I have time this afternoon, I'll try to find it again. If I remember well, you can find this list with the aircrack keyword on google.

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