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How do I install the "Twin-duck" software?


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I just got my new rubber ducky and I wanted to get the duck to look like "a real USB device" when you plug it in. I got my inspiration from the HAK5´s own video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JON76zbiL1o).

The thing that i dont seem to understand is how I "install" the code to my rubber ducky. I am looking at the page as we speak but I dont understand how I am supposed to do. Do I just move the " c_duck_v2.1.hex" file to the ducky disk or is it something that I am missing?

Pls help me, I am new to this. Be kind in the comments pls



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On 2016/10/29 at 2:31 AM, jesusis666 said:

You have to use the ducky flasher


here is a video on how to set it up and use it


The Twin Duck firmware is nothing short of amazing. It makes the USB Rubber Ducky show up as both a HID Keyboard and Mass Storage - just like a regular USB drive. There are a few limitations, but nothing that hinders this payload. Specifically the Twin Duck is only capable of executing payloads of 2048 keystrokes (4K inject.bin files). It also only supports a transfer speed of about 150 KB/s - which is about 9 megabytes per minute. That said it is a fantastic firmware perfect for this situation.

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