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Windows Problem ?


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hello there guys. I don;t own a Rubber Ducky, instead i found some usb sticks with the proper Phison chip and managed to "cook" a BadUsb. Ofc i am using the (latest) duckencoder.jar to make the inject.bin file. Everything worked out fine. The problem is that the payload is not running under Windows ... Tried both with the .jar and the python method. No matter what i try it's not working, (tried WINDOWS r, GUI r, CONTROL ESCAPE etc)
Here is the script i am using for the inject.bin file
DELAY 5000
DELAY 1000
STRING notepad
DELAY 1000
DELAY 1000
STRING Hello World!!!
When i plug in the usb nothing happens. When i boot with Kali Linux and open a terminal i can see it's working because words like "r" , "notepad" and "Hello World" are appearing
Any help ? Thoughts on the matter ?
Thanks in advance !!

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